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*** Preventive Wellness Is Easier to Accomplish Than Corrective Wellness

~from Abraham-hicks, Health and Law of Attraction card***

Now we offer, Wellness Package with Oike Clinic in Kyoto! please inquire!

With your wonderful support, Class One Travel will cerebrate our 25th anniversary year this May of 2013.
We have been arranging business trips, family trips, conventions, and events, all over the world with the theme of having fun for 25 years. But our true roots lie in Japan and we always seem to return to the basics whenever we remember where we are from. It really gives us a chance to appreciate who we are. For our 20th cerebration, we have planned a new theme trip to Japan. It is a Wellness tour to Minami Tohoku Clinic www.minamitohoku.or.jp/English/PET/pet.htm which focuses on preventive medicine. It is an opportunity for anyone interested in their own health and wellness. Our basic wellness plan for seven days including a full body diagnostic check up and a rejuvenating hot springs stop over. This plan is very flexible and you can arrange shorter or longer stays if you desire or visit other destinations before or afterward. The cost of this complete check up will be one eighth of what it is in the US. Why not plan your next trip to Japan as a Wellness Trip for yourself or your family?

markHealth Check "Human Dock"

Simulated Stomach Endoscope
Blood Test
Liver, Kidney and pancreas, Thyroid
Viral hepatitis and other infectious
Glucose metabolic, Lipids and uric acid Inflammatory reaction, Electrolyte,
Tumor markers, general blood counts
Urine Test
General urinary

markWellness Tours

Day 1 Leave San Francisco
Day 2 Arrive at Narita, stay in Tokyo
Day 3 One and a half hour bullet train ride to Koriyama. You will have your own room with a hot spring at the clinic guest room.
Bring your favorite book and enjoy it.
You can also have a bone mineral density together with body composition(fat & non fat ratio) check up in Tokyo if you wish.
Day 4 Check up starts in the morning. It will take about five hours. After the check up, relax and enjoy the specially prepared meals for you. You will have a meeting with the radiologist to discuss your results. Later a complete copy of the result will be mailed to you.
Plan A)Return to Tokyo
Late afternoon, after the completion of the check up, return to over night in Tokyo
Day 5 Plan A) Leave Narita to San Francisco.
Day 4 Plan B)Go to Hot Spring
After the completion of the check up,visit Bandai Atami Onsen which locates a half hour away, one of the most relaxing places in Japan.
Day 5 Plan B) Stay in Bandai Atami Onsen and visit nearby cities to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Inawashiro or Old hisotical town of Aizu Wakamatsu.
Day 6 Plan B) Bandai Atami Onsen to Tokyo, stay in Tokyo.
Day 7 Plan B) Leave Narita to San Francisco

    Cost: We are in process of adjustmet due to $/YEN Exchange difference. Please inquire !

    Plan A Coach Class Flight 3 nights/5days package per person

    Plan A Premium Economy Class Flight 3 nights/5days package per person

    Plan A Business Class Flight 3 nights/5days package per person


Includes:Roundtrip Airfare from West Coast (Coach or business)/ Wellness total check up/ roundtrip train tickets between Tokyo and Kooriyama/ 2 nights hotel at Palace Hotel, Tokyo.

Cost:Plan B Coach Class Flight 5nights/6days package per person

Plan B Premium Economy Class Flight 5nighs/6days package per person

Plan B Business Class Flight 5 nights/6days package per person


Includes:Roundtrip Airfare from West Coast (Coach or business)/ Wellness total check up/ roundtrip train tickets between Tokyo and Kooriyama/ 2 nights hotel at Palace Hotel, Tokyo/Bandai Atami Onsen's luxury Japanese Inn 2 nights (Dinner and Breakfast included)

Optional Ideas:
Two people traveling and only one person will take a Wellness check up?
Would like to extend the Onsen stay?
Would like to go to other cities?
Wish to start other cities than Tokyo?

please call us (415) 788-6121 or info@classonetravel.com

markMessage from Dr. Roberto Crea

By way of introduction, my name is Dr. Roberto Crea, President/CEO and Founder of CreAgri. I am writing this letter on behalf of Southern Tohoku General Hospital and Clinics, Koriyama, Japan.

Last year I decided to accept the invitation by a Japanese-American friend of mine to undergo a complete check up at the Tohoku Clinics. I am 58 years old and never had a thorough check-up before, so this was a unique opportunity for me to do it in a well qualified and specialized hospital. As I was traveling to Tokyo in October, I decide to dedicate a two day period to accomplish this check up. I arrived at the Hospital the evening of October 9, 2006 and I was allowed to spend the night at the Hospital in a private room so I could be ready for the tests by the following morning. I found the accommodation to be excellent with all assistance, hospitality and comfort one expects from a private clinic. The following day, I was met by the head physician and test coordinator, who explained to me all the tests I had selected (A-Course) and the various procedures involved in each test. The first test started approximately at 9:00 AM. I was assisted during the whole morning by an English-Japanese interpreter and by a number of hospital personnel. The tests, including PET Scan, MRI, CAT-Scan, GI simulation and blood analyses, were each conducted by a specialist physician, promptly and efficiently. I was directed from one lab to the other with no delay and clear instruction, and never during the procedures I experienced discomfort or uneasiness. At the end of the morning, after the last test was finished, I was told to return to my room, change into my clothes and have lunch at the clinic’s guest restaurant. At 2:00 PM I had an appointment scheduled with the head physician/coordinator to discuss the test results. I was received in the office of the coordinator and allowed to sit in front of several computer screens. The diagnostic results were explained to me clearly, comprehensively and thoroughly by the doctor. I was also told that a hard copy of all the results would be mailed to my private address in the US soon after.

I found this experience to be extremely helpful and rewarding. Based upon the results of this check up in Japan I was able to learn a lot about my health situation and coordinate with my personal doctors in the US a series of follow-up tests to confirm and in some cases to treat some of the health issues discovered in Japan. In particular, I was able to confirm the presence of an early polyp in my lower colon which was then removed surgically by a specialist in California. Pollyps are recognized to be the first stage of potential colon cancer.

This experience in Japan at the Southern Tohuku clinics was a major milestone for my health and disease prevention. The entire check up cost me less than $2,000 dollars, has given me complete picture of my current health and is helping me to maintain a close monitoring of some age-related medical situations. I intend to repeat the tests in Japan in the future and I am strongly recommending the same experience to my family and close friends.

Roberto Crea, Ph.D.

President & CEO, CreAgri


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