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Happy New Year!

Home made Osechi Ryori made in USA...!





Happy New Year!

We moved our main operation to EAST BAY!

But we can always see you in San Francisco at 505 Montgomery Street.

Please call us for the appointment!

We hope your 2018 is filled with love, joy and memorable trips!!




JUST came back from Tokyo.

I really notice you can enjoy such a variety of food in Tokyo every time and
even stronger this time.

Maybe we should do “JUST EAT TOUR” in the future.


Lots of people at the AOYAMA, Gaienmae.

Beautiful Ginko Trees.


Tourist Pass!
Have you study about JR Rail pass before you leave your country?
There are usual JR Rail Pass for 7,14 and 21 days with unlimited JR Train use. Besize that, there are
Two special rail passes.

1) Tokaido - Sanyo Shinkansen Tourist Pass

Valid Period: 5 consecutive days
Price: JPY 35,000 adult (50% off on child 6-11 years)
You can get on NOZOMI and MIZUHO!
You do not have to transfer at Shin Osaka or Shin Kobe to go to Hiroshima or Kyushu!!

2) Takayama - Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass
Valid Period: 5 consecutive days
Price: JPY 10,500 adult (50% off on child 6-11 years)
Start from Nagoya, then to Takayama, you can even use on NOHI BUS to Shirakawago and Kanazawa,
then go through Kaga Onsen, Awara Onsen, then to Kyoto and Shin-Osaka.

  Both Passes are available to purchase by June 26th and need to be used by June 30th!




Polish Airlines Super discount!
Purchase by Aug.20,2014
Travel between Oct. 1 , 2014 ~ March 31, 2015.(Except 12/15/14~1/15/15)
Sample Itinerary:
Dec. 5(Fri) Chicago - Warsaw     LO 004    9:45pm dep/1:40pm (12/5)
Dec. 12(Fri)  Warsaw - Chicago   LO 003   4:30pm dep/7:30pm
TAX and Fuel charge is included--$802.10 !!!  (compared LH $1,438.30)

If you want to connect to Frankfurt,
Dec. 5(Fri) Chicago - Warsaw      LO 004    9:45pm dep/1:40pm (12/5)
Dec.  6(Sat) Warsaw - Frankfurt LO 379   5:10pm dep/7:05pm
Dec. 12(Fri) Frankfurt - Warsaw LO382  10:35am dep/12:20pm
Dec. 12(Fri)  Warsaw - Chicago   LO 003   4:30pm dep/7:30pm
TAX and Fuel charge is included--$974.90 !!! (compared LH $1,451.30)

You can enjoy Christmas Market there!!

We attended Paul Gauguin Cruise Seminar today at Campton Place Hotel.
Cruise travel is not a luxury -once in a life time experience anymore!
Paul Gauguin Cruise is one of the Top luxury cruise with relaxed atmosphere.
7days Tahiti Cruise is now from $3,995 per person ~which is 50% of discount!
It includes 7nights cabin accommodation, activity on board and all the meals!
In fact, it may be a lot more reasonable than purchasing hotel, transfer and meals!
Please call us or write to us





Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much for your support to Class One Travel,inc.

Our Holiday Hours:

Dec.31(Mon) Closed

Jan. 1(Tue) Happy New Year!

Jan. 2(Wed) Closed

Jan. 3(Thu) Closed

We will open on January 4th 2013!

For emergency contract, please leave messages at (415) 788-6121 and emial us at

Thank you and have a wonderful New Year!




Japan Now videos on YouTube....please visit JNTO site!


SAKURA MATSURI at Japan Town April 8~10 and April 15~17 for two weekends!
We will be at Japan Town, Peace Plaza on April 17th, Sunday .
Our duty time is between 11:00am ~ 1:00pm.
We are at the Consulate General of Japan Desk and we will be there to assist your future travel plan to JAPAN!
We will bring special package of Kyoto, Naoshima, and Mt. Koya!
Hope to see you there!



Here is the information from IATAN

Date: 19 March 2011

No Restrictions On Air Travel to Japan

Geneva - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) welcomed the joint statement issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), International Maritime Organization (IMO), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), on the continued safety of air transport operations in Japan. These five organizations confirmed that there are no restrictions to normal air transport operations at Japan’s major airports, including both Haneda and Narita.

“Safety is our number one priority. If it is not safe, we won’t fly. Today’s joint statement by the five most authoritative United Nations (UN) organizations on air transport, nuclear energy, shipping, health and weather confirms that it is safe to operate in Japan,” said Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

The ICAO statement further confirmed that there are no health reasons that would require the screening of passengers emanating from Japan. Moreover the Organizations confirmed that there is no health risk associated with increased levels of radiation that have been detected at some airports. Although not recommended by the UN organizations, several states are implementing screening programs for passengers and flights from Japan. As these measures are not being coordinated among governments, IATA is tracking developments at

“The combination of crises impacting Japan today is unprecedented. But global standards and best practices exist to protect the safety of all concerned. We must follow the joint advice of these authoritative global bodies to provide the best advice to the industry, its employees, travelers and shippers. The situation is evolving quickly and is being constantly monitored. Today the advice is that normal operations are possible. If the advice changes, the industry will comply and transparently keep all informed of the developments,” said Bisignani.

“Effective air links are critically important at this time. Our members are rising to the challenge of bringing relief supplies, equipment and people to Japan as well as connecting families affected by this tragedy,” said Bisignani.
  For more information, please contact:

Corporate Communications
Tel: +41 22 770 2967             +41 22 770 2967    



It has been one week ever since March 11th earthquake.

Thank you very much for all those calls and emails and card and sudden visits with flowers and so on…
We really appreciate your support.

We get many inquiries about donations.
We are a member of JCCNC (Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California) and we collect checks and send it to them.
If you wish to donate through JCCNC, please send a check payable to
“American Red Cross (Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief) and send it to us.
To: Class One Travel, inc.: 110 Sutter Street, Suite 515, San Francisco, CA  94104
We gather all checks and send it to JCCNC.
Thank you!

Below is the YouTube site one of our friend sent to us.




This is the information of  the special desk for foreign tourist /non-Japanese speaking tourist in Japan

  Skype/MSN Messenger Hotline for non Japanese Speaking Disaster Victims(Open 24/7)

Acima has set up a hotline for non Japanese speaking Disaster Victims of Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake. We are providing you the most updated earthquake information and any other related infomation of your request, and interpretation service using Skype or MSN Messenger 24/7. 

Log on to Skype or MSN Messenger using your own account ID.

(If you do not have either of the account, see below.)
Skype: Send Contarct request to acimacorporation  (Eng)


MSN Messenger: Add  (Eng)
To download, visit:
*If you do not have Skype/MSN Messenger ID, feel free to use the following IDs for your convenience:
Skype ID: acima_guest
Pwd: acima123
MSN Messenger ID:
Pwd: acima123
2.  You can ask questions, for interpretation, or even if you need someone to talk to...we are here for your 24/7!!!



Thank you very much for all those telephone calls and emails concerning of Japan’s largest Earthquake and Tsunami. We really appreciate your warm thought.
Here is the updated information we received from the rep. of HOSHINOYA Kyoto.
It contains useful information, so, let me put it here. Thank you.


1. Tsunami Now:  
All tsunami warnings along Japanese coasts were cancelled.

2. Earthquake Now:  
There was a magnitude 4.1 earthquake in Tokyo area yesterday.  But it had been forecasted with an intensity of magnitude 7  so it was a relief for the people in the region. 

3. Blackout Now:  
Kanto Area including Tokyo and Yokohama will have rotating blackouts for a while to save energy.  Each area is expected to have a blackout for about 4 hours a day until March 18 but it may change or cancel. The hardest part is to organize the ever complicated multiple train schedules.  Blackouts or some kind of energy saving measure is expected to continue till the end of April.

4. Transportations Now:  
-Bullet Train Line to Tohoku Region (affected areas) was reopened partially.
-Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto:  12 trains are cancelled today.  It is not because of the energy shortage but operator shortage due to the difficulty in commuting.
-Bullet Train from Tokyo to Nagano:  Normal operation.
-Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo: Not in operation
-Limousine bus from Narita to Tokyo:  Normal operation
-Narita Airport:  Open
-Kansai Airport: Open
-Highways in Tokyo region, to Karuizawa, to Kyoto: Open

5. People Now
People as well as business in other parts of Japan have begun conserving energy voluntarily by lighting the minimum necessary lights or turn it off earlier than normal, etc.  Although people's favorite rice balls and sandwiches at delis are short in Tokyo, everyone is patient because they know that all those foods should be shipped to the affected areas first.  There is no looting reported in the disaster areas.  People there are buying or being provided the allowed amount of food orderly.  There were, however, some confusions at some stations in Tokyo area due to the cancelled trains for the blackout. Some people had to take cabs or even walk home. But overall, people in Japan seem to understand it is not the time to complain but determine to fight through this hardship together as they did after WWII.  

Both HOSHINOYA Kyoto and HOSHINOYA Karuizawa have not been affected and operating as usual.  Both properties are far from the affected areas as well as the troubled nuclear power plants.  Some guests even extended the stay to pass the first few days of chaos.  Many began conserving energy but luckily HOSHINOYA Karuizawa doesn't need to worry about this part because it is always 75% self sufficient on energy consumption.  

The difficult time may last for a while.  But Japanese are diligent and hard workers.  We believe the country and people will do their best for quick recovery. 
We will appreciate your continuous support.  Thank you.

Best wishes,

Yuki Olsen
Hoshino Resort


We updated TOKYO STOP OVER PROGRAM in Japan page.

You can have 3 or 4days stop over in Tokyo from US to Asia, Europe to Australia! It is concentrated do your own program and you can enjoy a lot within 3 or 4days! Please contact us!

Holiday Hours: Dec.31 (Fri) closed/Jan. 1 (Sat) closed/Jan. 2 (Sun) closed/Jan.3 (Mon) closed

We will open on Jan.4th!

Thank you for using Class One Travel~!!


All of the sudden, people asked me how the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo looks like?
How is the Mandarin Hotel ‘s room?
How is the newly opened Shangri-la look like?

Well well, I just cannot guess what and how those hotels are doing anymore.
So, I took a short trip on Japan Airlines Inaugural flight from San Francisco to Hanea.

This was my Tokyo update trip!
Lots of people are familiar with Haneda Airport before but in 1978, almost entire International Flight moved to Narita Airport. Now, Japan Airline’s flight 001 is back to Haneda Airport!
It is such wonderful news for those who visit Tokyo on the first day since Haneda Airport is the part of downtown Tokyo!

Yes! Flight from San Francisco to Haneda was very nice flight, since it leaves at 5:50pm.  I was making my itinerary on the day of departure. Usually I hustle to double check what I have and re-pack in the morning
and rushed to go to the airport, but this time, I had a breakfast and called my friend and she dropped by and chat for a while and left home around 2pm.
When I arrived at Haneda Airport, it took only 30minutes to get out. I
I took an airport limousine bus to Shinagawa Area, it took only 15minutes!!
  Then I took a taxi to my destination within 8 minutes.

I will contiue to write about TOKYO LUXURY HOTEL UPDATE!

By the way, do you read CHRONICL SUNDAY PAPER?
Especially TRAVEL ISSUE?
There are THREE TOKYO SPECIALISTS whom the City of Tokyo REP. recommends.
WE are one of them!
It was on Nov.28th Sunday paper and will be again on Dec.5th Sunday paper, too!

Going to Tokyo? Please contact us (415) 788-6121 or




We received the letter from Japan Airlines sales office for your information.

JAL will continue its service and you do not worry about it!

Please remember JAL 001 ~ is JAL's the first flight from San Francisco to Japan!


To Our Travel Partners:


As you may have heard, today, January 19, 2010, Japan Airlines Corporation, Japan Airlines International and JAL Capital filed a petition under the Japanese Corporate Reorganization Act with the Tokyo District Court. In the USA, this would equate to a Chapter 11 financial reorganization filing. While there have been many articles last few weeks, we wish to make sure that you had the most accurate facts regarding this recent action.


The most important point for you and all of your clients, employees and customers to know is that JAL will continue to operate business as usual including flight schedules, services and business practices as we have done for over 55 years, without interruption. We have the full backing of the Japanese government, and the ETIC (Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation) which is overseeing JAL's reorganization. All funding and financial transactions in the ordinary course of business are being guaranteed by the ETIC, so this will ensure a smooth transition over the full period of time it takes to get the company reorganized



We are going for Peru from Sept.30th to Oct. 7th.

This is the first Class One Travel Peru 2009 Tour. We will be visiting Lima, Nazca, Urubamba, Machu Picchu & Cuzco. We will update about this tour~ after we return on Oct. 7th....!



Class One Travel World Heritage 2009 Japan Tour! November 19 ~ 29, 2009

Nov.19(Thu) San Francisco - Tokyo/Narita

Nov. 20(Fri) Arrive at Narita. Shuttle bus to Tokyo

Nov. 21(Sat) Tokyo: Sightseeings~with a private guide. Downtown Tokyo, Kappa bashi, Asakusa:dinner at Yakata bune(house shape boat) and enjoy view of city

Nov. 22(Sun) planning special tour

Nov. 23(Mon) Leave Tokyo to Takayama via Nagoya: Shirakawago~the World Heritage of Japan and its famous archtecture. Stay at Minshuku~Japanese Bed&Breakfast&Dinner in this village

Nov. 24(Tue) AM: Free time to walk around Takayama Town/PM: Move on to Gero Onsen (Hot Spring)

Nov. 25(Wed) Leave Gero Onsen to Kyoto. You will witness the most beautiful fall colors. Visit Flea Market.

Nov. 26(Thu) Explore Kyoto, visit Kyoto's famous Sake Brewery

Nov. 27(Fri) Free time in Kyoto: Visit traditinal textile ~Kyoto Nishijin district

Nov. 28(Sat) Back to Tokyo for one more time~the big city, big farewell or see you soon!

Nov. 29(Sun) Leave Narita to San Francisco/any US cities.


Total of this land only program will be $2,470 per person sharing one room with 2 people.

meals: to be advised: right now we confirm 1 breakfast/2 dinners, we still are working on breakfast....!!


This will be very small group and lots of fun!!~ call us (415) 788-6121 or










*May 4, 2009*

Do you like wine? Us? We love wine!

We love wines so much that we plan to take wine people to Japan this fall.

We have been visiting many wineries and it is so fun to find one we like.

Here is the winery where you will find wonderful wines! WesMar Winery~Denise Mary Seylem, the daughter of

Ed Seylem, who was the founder and original owner of Willams Seylem Winery, and Denise's husband,

Kirk Wesley Hubbard are making wonderful Pinot Noir! I can not guarantee if you can get them now, but they

will be happy to hear from you!

(As of May 6. 2008: Yes, there are some! I checked if for you!)



*April 10, 2009* *Happy Easter!


*January 27, 2009*

Tokyo Taste~will be the first World Summit of Gastronomy to be hosted in Asia.

From February 9th to the 11th, chefs and gourmands from Japan and all over the world will gather for events,

exhibitions, demostrations and dining! For more information, click TOKYO TASTE !


*January 26, 2009*

Ethiopian Airliens Celebrates the Historic Inauguration of President Obama with Special Offer!

In recognition of the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama, the first African-American President

of the United States, Ethiopian Airlines is proud to provide an exciting new "Free Companion Fare."

Travelers who purchase a regular fare will receive a "Free Companion Fare" to any of Ethiopian Airlines'

32 destinations throughout Africa~

This special offer begins February 1, 2009 and is valid through March 30, 2009 with 21 days limit on the

length of stay.


*December 30, 2008*

Thank you so much for your wonderful support through out the year of 2008!

We really appreciate your business.


Class One Travel's Year End Schedule:

Dec.30: 9:00am ~ 1:00pm

Dec.31: closed

Jan. 1: closed

Jan. 2: closed


If you have the emergency reservation, please leave your message to (415) 788-6121.


Thank You!