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Since 2018, we moved to  505 Montgomery Street, 11th floor, San Francisco, CA  94111

Appointment only-please call us (415) 788-6121 or email us info@classonetravel.com in advance!

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Since 1988

We opened our office in May 1988 in the historical Elevated Shops building one block south of famous Union Square. Our original office was located right on Powell Street and we listened to the cable car�fs bell every single day for 13 years. We started Class One Travel in an industry building with airlines and more than 10 travel agencies. We used to visit each other�fs offices to exchange super ticket deals or help each other out if we could. Those were the �ggood old days�h.

In 2001, we had to move out from the building because it was purchased by the H & M department store and all the agencies left the building. We were looking for another office location near Union Square, but we could not find any, so, we decided to move to the Financial District and settled into another historical building at 110 Sutter, next to Charles Schwab. It is about 7~8 minutes from Union Square still, and 5 minutes from the entrance of China Town; most of all we are really close to our corporate clients offices.

Class One Travel is on Sutter Street at Montgomery Street. Being one block from Bart it is super convenient.

On December 23, 2018, we moved our office to East Bay ! What a change!

We also maintain a meeting place and office at 505 Montgomery Street  in San Francisco, near the iconic Trans America Pyramid. Please call us at (415) 788-6121 or email us info@classonetravel.com for your appointment!  We are happy to arrange your next trip!